Color Grip

Vitro Minerals manufactures and distributes a variety of innovative products and materials designed to improve traffic safety systems for both vehicular and pedestrian surfaces

Transportation authorities around the world are placing a greater emphasis on improving pedestrian safety and are finding COLOR-GRIP® is an ideal solution. By creating visual awareness for all users COLOR-GRIP ANTI-SKID COLORED AGGREGATES offers both skid resistance and color vibrancy each playing an essential role in helping reduce pedestrian and motor vehicle crashes — creating brighter, longer lasting pavement traffic surfaces and demarcation and helping to bring greater safety to cities and communities around the world.

COLOR-GRIP ANTI-SKID AGGREGATES provide high quality colored anti-skid aggregates for use as High-Friction Surfacing (HFS) roads, Traffic High Performance Road Aggregates (MFS), Pavement Surface Marking Anti-Skid Aggregates and Demarcation.

We offer a wide choice of COLOR-GRIP ANTI-SKID COLORED AGGREGATES for traffic and pedestrian surfaces. These range from synthetically colored substrates ( glass, calcined bauxite, granite, quartz) as well as a full spectrum of “natural” color options from a variety of sourced minerals which can be used as stand alone products or mixed to provide a visual coloring options and flexibility to meet and friction systems needs. These unique products really pulverized, cleaned, and screened to specification angular gradients meeting and exceeding Federal / State requirements.

COLOR-GRIP ANTI-SKID AGGREGATES are used in conjunction with cold applied resins as a system components for traffic friction surfaces enabling engineers to design visible warning characteristics with a variety of coloring options and the advantage of superior skid resistance, wear resistance and durability with our unique frictional properties.

Our synthetically colored aggregates are brilliantly color-coated with a superior resin system and high-quality colorfast pigments to provide optimal durability and extreme performance in the most demanding wearing environments.

In addition to their superior resilience to chemicals and UV rays, COLOR-GRIP™ ANTI-SKID COLORED AGGREGATES can be applied to achieve many different textures and levels of skid / slip resistance to help reduce accidents by enhancing both the frictional properties and visual identification characteristics making both traffic and pedestrian surfaces systems after and more durable.