CS Powders – Post-Consumer Glass

CS Glass Powders are functional glass fillers and extenders made from 100% recycled glass, primarily sourced from curbside pick-up, windshields, and other sources of glass. The glass content exceeds 99% and is a light tan colored powder with a uniform particle size distribution. X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy confirms that the CS Glass powders are fully amorphous and contain no crystalline silica.

CS Glass powders provide a relatively clean post consumer filler for polymer systems where color is not important. The glass powders will contain traces of organic residues as well as label remnants. However, Vitro Minerals’ unique processing system and true particle size classification converts any impurities to powder sizes below 100 mesh with an overall size of 98% minus 325 mesh for CS-325.

Product Uses
Mineral filler/extender for use in plastics, coatings, sealants, and other polymer/resin systems

ACAS Glass Powders

ACAS Glass Powders are made from post consumer bottle glass processed into a very clean off white powder specially sized for maximum efficiency for use as a pozzolan in concrete. The glass is collected from MRFs or bottle drop off centers and undergoes a process wherein contaminants and paper labels are removed, and the powder processed to a minimum fineness of 90 percent passing a 325 mesh, which translates into a 4000 Blaine. The powder is available in bulk, big bags up to 3000 pounds, or 50 pound paper bags.