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Welcome to Vitro Minerals

Vitro Minerals is the leading manufacturer of glass powders and sands made with Plate, Container, E glass, and other specialty glasses like borosilicates.

Working with the Concrete and Glass Industry, Vitro Minerals has just established a new ASTM Standard, C 1866, for glass powders as pozzolans for concrete. While the glass powder is not cementitious by itself, when mixed with cement powder and water the glass reacts to reduce efflorescence inducing lime by chemically converting it to CSH, which is the form that gives concrete all its properties. The standard calls for two classifications of glass pozzolans, Type GS made from plate and Container Glass, called ACAS; and Type GE, made from E Glass, called VCAS. The Concrete Applications section of this site has a substantial amount of technical performance data on our family of glass Pozzolans. Vitro also has an extremely white and reactive pure silica glass, known as HR 50. This product is over 100% GE Brightness and is somewhat more reactive than Silica Fume.

The powders (100 mesh to 600 mesh) are widely used in coatings Plastics, Rubber, and Adhesive/Sealants markets as a crystalline silica free recycled functional filler. Other applications include ceramics, glazes, and frit.

The Glass sands (12 mesh to 100 mesh) are used in stucco, traffic markings, pool filtration, and many other applications where being white and transparent has advantages. The glass sands are also free of crystalline silica.

Vitro also has a family of colored Glass Sands, known as Colorgripco, which are widely used for Bus and Bike Lanes and other traffic demarcation applications.

The Glass Products are made in factories located in Jackson, Tn. and Indianapolis, Indiana.

Specialty glasses include No, 1, Type 33 borosilicate glass equivalent to Pyrex 7740, as well as Kimble, Schott, Kavalier, Nipro, & Gerresheimer. Another specialty glass is E- Glass, derived from fiberglass reinforcements, sold under our VCAS trademark. Vitro also produces Fuzed Quartz submicron powders known as RS 50.

Leading Glass Powder Characteristics:

  • Highly Reactive Pozzolan
  • Free of Crystalline Silica – Fully amorphous
  • Inert/Corrosion Resistance – Typical pH range is 10.0 – 11.5
  • Abrasion Resistant – Mohs hardness of 5.5
  • Low Specific Gravity – 2.23-2.55
  • 100% Recycled Content – Certified pre-consumer and post-consumer feed stocks
  • Uniform Color – In some cases GE brightness in excess of 90
  • Uniform Particle Size Distribution – < 325 Mesh and finer with Hegman fineness of 6
  • Surface Modifiable – Highly polar surfaces couple efficiently with silanes and other additives.

Leading Glass Sand Characteristics:

  • Uniform, consistent gradation
  • Silica free
  • Minimal label remnants
  • High Brightness

Vitro Minerals is headquartered in Atlanta, GA with production facilities in Jackson, TN. Our management team has over 100 years of combined expertise in industrial minerals and the industries in which they are used. This allows our company to offer a breadth of knowledge and overall customer service that few competitors can rival. Please explore our website and feel free to reach out for any additional information you may require.