Concrete Sands

Vitro’s CS and MG Glass Sands are functional fine aggregate materials made with uniform grain size distributions from 100% recycled glass: CS Glass from bottle glass and a greenish tan in color; and MG Glass from plate glass and white in color. CS and MG Glass Sands are free of crystalline silica and provide a clean recycled sand for concrete, polymer concrete, mortars, and other similar systems. The products are very low in lead (Pb) content and free of label remnants and other post consumer debris.

Vitro provides a service wherein we will work with the customer to incorporate the right glass product into their existing natural sands to allow them to get best properties relative to optimal Fineness Modulus, FM (see next page). Contact your Vitro representative for more information.

Product Uses
Recycled glass sands for use as fine aggregate in cement and polymer concretes, mortars and related systems.