Water Filtration Media

Crushed glass is gaining widespread acceptance over silica sand as the preferred water filtration medium for swimming pools and waste water treatment plants. Crushed glass has some unusual characteristics that lend themselves especially well to the filtration application.

Vitro Minerals has worked with others to develop a revolutionary process for the preparation and sterilization of glass filtration media. First, a process to implode the glass feedstock with uniform external pressure instead of impact shattering creates a more uniform glass surface with improved permeability characteristics. The glass is sterilized using high heat to remove any organic contaminants and kill any microorganisms. And, the unique implosion crushing allows for full removal of fines as the material is properly graded for size requirements of filtration medium. The difference can easily be tested. Put a handful of new media in a ziplok bag and shake it. Fines in the bottom of the bag from poorly prepared media will immediately be noticed.

Product Uses
Recycled glass sand for water filtration media.